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January 25, 2013
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MM - Kennedy Rodgers. by MagicalGirlMitch MM - Kennedy Rodgers. by MagicalGirlMitch
Finally made my female OC. ;w;
It's ironic, I had planned out ages ago who I was going to bring into the group but instead I made some random chick with a chainsaw. :I

Oh well, either way here she is~
hopefully everything is all good.

+Name: Kennedy ‘Mia’ Rodgers
+Nicknames: Kenny, Ken, Eddy, Edd, Mia etc.
+Gender: Female
+Grade: 10, class-A.
+Age: 16.
+Height: 5”2.
+Weight: 110lbs.

+Incubator: Chiibey.
+Wish: “I wish he was my father instead.”

Shy and socially awkward Kennedy can be quite the quirky character although she is very sweet and kind. She’s a bit of a klutz and gets nervous easily as she does have a bit of an anxiety problem but that’s what happens when you’re a girl who’s spent all her time playing video games and reading manga rather than interacting with people. Although Kenny may mess up and make an idiot of herself her hearts in the right spot and generally has a positive outlook on life. She’s a tad too innocent for her own good as most sexual innuendos seem to fly right over her head.

The only time you’ll ever catch her in focus or being serious is during witch battles as she views them as ‘being inside a video game’ thus gets VERY into it and won’t even notice if other magi have entered the same labyrinth.

+Soul Gem:
Egg Form:
A pale green gem within a silver canister adorn with stripes and half-circles with her magi symbol in their respectful places.
Necklace Form :
A silver necklace with her magi symbol as the charm. It’s not too big of a necklace so she’s able to tuck it underneath her shirt no problem, she mostly does this in fear that it will get caught on something one day.
In Magi Form:
A tri-force-like shaped symbol that is pinned on the front fluff of her hat like a button.

A pale green chainsaw with a decorative bow.

Agility: Kennedy is fast on her feet and is able to jump and move quite high during fights despite lugging around a massive chainsaw, her boots and gloves also help her get grip/climb on slippery surfaces.

Vines: Kennedy is able to summon earthly vines from the ground that she can use for her liking, most the time they’re used to tie or capture things or as leverage to get herself to higher heights. She is only able to summon so many at a time and can only grow out so far.

+ Background:
Raised in Canada Kennedy lived with her father as an only child in a smaller town. Her dad was a business man and was usually never home so his close friend was nice enough to watch over the young Kennedy when he was gone on business trips or wouldn’t be home until late. Her father’s friend was a major otaku and gamer which somehow shared a loved for the outdoors as well and could very well be blamed for why Kennedy became such a tomboy. As Kennedy’s father was never around much she was practically raised by him instead. But she was fine with that – they were very close and got along well, she almost considered him her real father instead of her biological father.

Years later he decided to move to Japan and Kennedy was left with just her father once again. Missing him greatly she decided to get a job and teach herself Japanese, later on saving up just enough money to get a flight to Japan and visit him for a few days. Not wanting go back home after her visit was done she ran into an odd but adorable creature by the name of Chiibey and was granted the offer of any wish she wanted in exchange of becoming a magical girl – thrilled by the idea that those magical girl anime’s are real she made the wish she had wanted for many years; for her dad’s friend to be her real father.

Now Kennedy attends school in Japan and is currently trying to adjust to life in Japan as a foreigner.

+Additional information:
+ Her and her original biological father didn’t get along the greatest for reasons Kennedy will never tell.
+ She cherishes her hat greatly and doesn’t like it when others touch it, wear it, etc. [Same hat as magi form, just without bow and soul gem. ]
+ Doesn’t like being touched at all, will often squirm, jump, or tremble if someone does.
+ Major otaku and gamer, also loves gory games and horror movies.
+ her and her dad are like bros, srsly.
+ Pretty tomboyish in the way she dresses.
+ Has a little bit of an accent.
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voicelesss May 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
duuuuuude she looks awesome *_*
Really love the little wood details, and the color palette is really nice too.

I also totally recognize the bit you wrote at the top, I have like six characters I could think of entering into this group but NOPE just made a new one instead in the end
MagicalGirlMitch May 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Aha, thanks~. xD I wanted to do something with a more nature-ish feel to it because of her little lumberjack hat. xD //shot Seriously though, I made her magi outfit work around the hat LMAO.

Baha, yeah. Funny how that works huh?
IhavesomanyMadokaocsIcouldmakemyownmagisquad. //shot
Love her design and backstory, very nice ;D;
I also like how she's from another Non-Japan place, very nice :D
MagicalGirlMitch May 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Baha, ah, thank you. <3
Her backstory was switched last second but I think it suits her more humble personality. xD

Tried to make a Japanese girl, didn't turn out so yup, FOREIGNERS ALL THE WAY. //shot
Your welcome :D

And eheheh I see. :P

Kitsune-of-Awesome Mar 12, 2013  Student Traditional Artist

On my track team everyone has nicknames. And mine just so happens to be CHAINSAAAAAW!! VRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMM!!!

Wait, what was I doing here? Oh, yes Madoka Magica OCs. This is a rather interesting design. Nice work on the colors and the art. And a chainsaw is quite a elegant weapon and suites a Puella Magia quite well.

MagicalGirlMitch Mar 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

But er, anyway, thank you~ <3 ;w;
I had some trouble deciding her colours and costume but decided to go with a lumberjack-ish theme but not really. xD

I dunno, a chainsaw just seemed fun to me.
Kitsune-of-Awesome Mar 17, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I may sound like a jerk (I do not mean to be) for saying this, but you ought to draw a witch version as well.
MagicalGirlMitch Mar 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
In due time she'll get her witch form, but I haven't played her enough to know what exactly her witch would be. :c

But I will someday, and nah that isn't a rude comment at all. <3 :'D
MidNightsCastedAngel Jan 25, 2013  Student General Artist
Aww, ya didn't go along with Vii. *takes a looke at dis girl*
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